In a smart world smart retailing is the only way to go

In a smart world
smart retailing is the only way to go

Years of revolutionary activities, years of success, years of experience and lots of global retailing and commercial smarts and wisdom will lead us to international success.

BEE Group Ltd. presents

Innovation in Retailing

In a dynamic, changing world, innovative marketing, thinking outside the box and an accurate response to market needs are the prerequisites to success.

BEE Group was founded with the aim of meeting the need for innovation in the field of smart retailing, and presents a network of activities in the realm of commerce, with the goal of marketing and making accessible products and services that until now were the exclusive realm of specific populations.

The Group’s team is comprised of renowned experts and investors in the field of retailing, led by entrepreneur Avi Katz, who bring with them vast experience in international commerce and the operation of smart commerce systems.

Our brands

The result of independent development based on market research and international experience.


BEE Group set as its goal to introduce a new dimension of retailing leadership through initiatives tailored to a target clientele, based on research and experience. Making new products available to consumers that until now were not able to enjoy them for various reasons – price, accessibility, logistics – is seen as key to the Group’s success and the source of its power.


The common denominator characterizing the Group is the use of innovation and a price revolution to effect a change in consumer habits.

Always leading, always striving to keep in touch with market needs – you are invited to be part of the revolution.