About us

A meeting place between innovation and retailing

Bee Group is a holding company specializing in the advanced development of retail products and brands in Israel and globally. The Group was founded for the purpose of meeting the need for smart retailing. Its network of commercial enterprises aims to provide and market goods and services to the general public that until now were the exclusive property of specific populations. The Group’s strength and success lies in making new products available to a target population of consumers that until now were not able to enjoy them due to factors such as rigid thinking, price, access and logistics.
Bee Group is currently engaged in developing four brands. The brands are aimed at the Israeli market, the Russian market, which shows significant potential, and, in part, at the global market as well. The common denominator in the Group’s operations, and a key part of its business vision, is to use innovation and a revolution in retail prices to bring about new consumer habits and business success.

Team of world-renowned experts and investors in Israel and abroad

The Group’s team is comprised of renowned experts and investors in the field of retailing, led by entrepreneur Avi Katz, who bring with them vast experience in international commerce and the operation of smart commerce systems.

About Avi Katz

Avi Katz is an entrepreneur with an original, revolutionary vision that has changed consumer habits in the Israeli market. He founded retail chains that incorporate innovation as well as a real price revolution. He is the one who brought the Dollar Store to Israel and founded the toy store chain Kfar HaShashuim, the house wares chain Sheshet, and the publicly traded Vardinon Home Textile Company and Naaman Porcelain Ltd. The biggest impact on the Israeli pocketbook occurred with the opening of a chain of coffee bars called Cofix, which offer a diverse menu of items priced at only 5 shekels ($1.55) each. The chain was launched at the end of 2013 and went public on the Israeli stock exchange in 2015.
Later, Katz founded Super Cofix, a supermarket chain.
In 2009, Avi Katz founded a group investment company called Hagshama. It is considered to be the largest company of its type in the world, with assets of about NIS 13 billion (over 4 billion USD) and 30,000 members.

About Leonid Fosman

Fosman is an entrepreneur, consultant and businessman with vast knowledge and experience in international commerce between the FSU/Russia and Israel. Among other business dealings, Fosman initiated and promoted quite a number of collaborations between leading Israeli and Russian figures in the agricultural and light industry sectors.

About Nargiza Kadirova

Nargiza Kadirova is the vice president of the Bee Smart Trade. She holds the Bachelor’s degree of Economics and Master’s Degree of Gemology, responsible for the activity of this group in Euro-Asia. She has a great experience in building international projects in the field of agriculture, as well as an extensive experience in international trade in the textile and diamond industries.
In 2019 she was appointed and became the respected member of the “Gold Notebook”- the program created by the president of Uzbekistan Sh.M.Mirziyoyev, for the compatriots who currently live in different parts of the world and who actively participate in the development of a new Uzbekistan.

About Vladimir Sadovin

For 14 years, Sadovin was the Director General and joint Director of Azbuka Vkusa, one of the largest supermarket chains in Russia and continues to be a member of the chain’s Board of Directors. Sadovin was rated eight times by the Russian daily Kommersant  as one of the most professional director generals in the retail business and is among the top ten professional directors in Russia. In 2010, Vladimir Sadovin was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.

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