Delight Season – chain of dried fruit and nuts stores in Russia

Announces the arrival of healthy food and snacking nuts in Russia

Delight Season is a chain of health food stores that carry a rich variety of healthy, high quality products. The stores, part of a world trend in consumer demand, offer roasted and natural nuts and seeds, dried fruits, spices, legumes and specialty items from Israel, as well as vegan products from NG. All of the stores in the Delight Season chain offer their customers a complete shopping experience that begins with a pleasant, convenient, inviting space and a trained staff.

Customers entering the stores will be engulfed in the delicious smell of hot, freshly roasted nuts. A special roasting technology ensures long-lasting freshness. As part of the chain’s diversification strategy, more than 25% of the products sold will be exclusive to the Russian market.


Not only tasty but also healthy: as part of Delight Season's world view as well as a global trend, the stores will carry meat alternatives that allow customers to enjoy the texture and taste of meat while staying true to a philosophy of life that avoids harming animals. The products, which have a higher nutritional value than meat products, are marked with the Israeli vegan-friendly logo that ensures high quality and adherence to strict industry production standards.