Q Take and Go - Cashierless chain of stores

The future confluence of retailing and robotics

Q Take and Go’s vision is to generate a breakthrough in the world of retailing via automation and robotics. The Group has developed a way to rapidly build automated stores in cities and integrate automated retailing in shops and buildings, creating a new and exciting meeting point between the old world of retailing and new methods that cut operating costs and save time and space.

Q Take and Go offers a smart, available solution to selling basic commodities in small communities.

One of the problems of living in a small community is the doubtful profitability and expense of running a convenience store. The costs involved in setting up a store and employing workers are often prohibitive, with the result that many small communities in Israel do not have a local store. Having to travel in order to obtain basic commodities results in a waste of time, gas and, ultimately, excess food that was purchased in bulk and ends up in the garbage.

Bee Smart Trade Group has come up with a smart solution – a portable, autonomous, automatic, modular container that is always open, 24/7.  This innovation enables residents of small communities to shop for basic commodities at any time of the day or night, quickly and conveniently. It’s thrifty, doing away with manpower costs, efficient and flexible. The store can be expanded or relocated easily, in response to demand.

The fact that Q Take and Go is modular and portable makes anything possible - from small shops in remote communities to supermarkets of all sizes quickly set up in open lots. The low building and operating costs make it possible to offer customers attractive prices and significant savings.

Q Take and Go will be launched in March 2021. For a real shopping experience, come visit us – 27 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv