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Synthetic (lab) Diamonds

Creating diamonds in a laboratory at accessible
prices is a hi-tech enterprise – and we're already there.

BEE Group wants to spread beauty and aesthetics in the world, while protecting the environment and human lives. Scientific breakthroughs make it possible today to produce diamonds in laboratory conditions, diamonds that are completely genuine in their physical and chemical structure – even a trained gemologist cannot tell the difference. This technology has generated a revolution in the industry that will change the relationship between man and his environment. “Lab diamonds” offer a way of connecting to beauty without the mining that destroys the land and endangers human miners in Africa. And the prices are reasonable and affordable, allowing more and more customers to own diamonds.

In order to reach its target clientele, XLAB will establish a chain of easy-to-operate international stores for diamond jewelry accessible to the general public. The stores will focus on marketing and selling synthetic diamonds.

XLAB was founded with the aim of producing and “growing” diamonds in a controlled process that imitates the conditions of pressure and heat in the depths of the earth to turn pure carbon into a perfect diamond. We are here to fulfill our vision of fair, groundbreaking retailing, using advanced science to achieve our prime value of promoting environmental and human needs.

The purchase of synthetic diamond jewelry is our way and the way of our customers to a more beautiful world. You are invited to join the revolution and to discover that it is possible to do things differently / you really can make a difference.