Juice FIX - Rental and Service Franchise

For Advanced Juice Machines in Russia

Supply and sale of fruit available all year round, at an attractive annual fixed cost.

Currently, fruit is not available in Russia year round. Existing juicing machines are old/obsolete, non-automatic and require considerable manpower to operate. That, together with the short shelf life of the fruit, leads to financial losses. As a result, fresh fruit juice is sold mainly in luxury stores.

The Bee Smart Trade Group set a goal to engender a fruit juice revolution in Russia by making high quality fresh fruit juice available to the general population at an attractive price. The Group will open a chain for the sale of natural fruit juice, while maintaining a fixed gross profitability and solving the problem of the unavailability of the fruit at a uniform price throughout the year. The quality of the product will be maintained, as well as the profits of the franchisers and the operators.

The services provided by the chain will include supply regular servicing of the machines, a sea and overland delivery system, and operation of a fruit-packing house that will produce exact, uniform portions.